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Chicago Chopin Foundation

The Chicago Chopin Foundation believes that the 200th-Anniversary of Frédéric Chopin's birth presents us with an opportunity to celebrate and commemorate one of the greatest pianists and piano composers of all time. We would like to make Chopin's music easily available to the general public and contribute to it becoming more popular and recognizable. It is our aim to achieve this through a variety of means, including, but not limited to, various concerts, publications, and recordings.


Our goal is to erect a monument dedicated to Frédéric Chopin on Chicago's lakefront and to create a permanent, commemorative site where the music of Chopin and other classical composers can be heard on a regular basis. The monument will serve as a tangible symbol of Chopin’s profound role in music. At the same time, the intention of the Foundation is to transform the designated site into a "Chopin Garden"' that will artistically complement Grant Park and the landscape of Chicago. We believe that this project will culturally enrich this area as well, with frequent performances and activities occurring in Chopin's name.

Once the monument is erected and the concert area is established we also intend to cooperate with a variety of musical and cultural organizations to create an attractive program that will create an appealing venue for the listening pleasure and enjoyment of classical music under an open sky in the "Chopin Garden".


The CCF's intent is to raise the necessary resources through fundraisers and generous donations to erect the Chopin Monument and to enhance the site designated by the Chicago Park District for this project. In order to most efficiently carry out these activities, we will closely cooperate with the Chicago Park District as well as finance and use all the available promotional means including an effective PR campaign to achieve generous public and corporate support.



The Chicago Chopin Foundation is a register 501(c)3 non-profit.

Voytek Putz


Chicago Chopin Foundation



Chicago Chopin Foundation

723 Arlington Rd

Riverside, IL 60546



Celebrating a donation from the Polish National Alliance 

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