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 Izabella Gieron


 Izabella Gieron is a Polish violinist who was born and raised in Chicago, IL. As a child, Gieron displayed advanced skills on both violin and piano. The eighteen-year-old violinist is determined to embrace her music with a passion that an audience can admire. 

    Gieron's early involvement in the music field has provided her with the necessary skills to succeed. She was an avid learner and role-model in her High School's Honors Orchestra, where she maintained being the concertmaster. Moreover, she was a member of the Protégé Philharmonic Orchestra in Chicago, under the direction of Joseph Glymph. Joseph Glymph continued as her mentor up until College. 

    Throughout her music career, she has had the opportunity to perform alongside various performing artists. It is her talent and dedication in the music industry that has allowed her to perform with artists such as, Marek Bałata, Ted Janik, Kaeyra, and Wici Song and Dance Theatre. Not only has she performed at venues within the states, but she has also performed internationally. In 2016, Gieron performed at the Folklore Music Festival in Paso Fundo, Brazil. 

   Today, she is actively pursuing a career in music education and performance at Northern Illinois University. She is under the guidance of Blaise Magniere for violin performance. Not only does this music aficionado hope to become a music educator, but she hopes to become a conductor and travel the world "to share her undying passion for music" 

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