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"Polonia" Dance & Song Ensemble performs at the Chopin Garden

A central component of the May 2nd Constitution Day Chopin Concert was a performance by the “Polonia” Dance & Song Ensemble. “Polonia” opened up the day’s festivities with a dramatic historical reenactment of the May 3rd Declaration of the Polish Constitution based on the renowned painting by Jan Matajko. The actors were dressed in elaborate period costumes and delivered a bold oratory that brought history alive and deeply moved the audience. During the stunning performance an excerpt of the Polish Constitution was read. The “Polonia” Dance & Song Ensemble concluded its performance by leading the audience in a collective Polonaise. “Polonia” delivered an experience that was truly special and the Chicago Chopin Foundation thanks them for their partnership.

The Director of “Polonia” Dance and Song Ensemble is Anna Krysinski and its Choreographer is Iwona Puc. You can learn more about "Polonia" on their website and find additional photos of their performance here.

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