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Unforgettable Celebration: 3rd May Constitution Parade & Concert in Chopin Garden, Grant Park! May 6 2023.

On a vibrant afternoon this past Saturday, the heart of Chicago's downtown, specifically the Chopin Garden in Grant Park, was alive with the spirit of Poland. The Grand Constitution Concert, a gathering steeped in cultural pride and musical excellence, unfolded at the intersection of Michigan Ave & 11th Street, drawing hundreds of attendees. This event was not just any celebration; it was dedicated to commemorating May 3rd Constitution Day, a day when Polish people celebrate the adoption of the Constitution of May 3, 1791. This document was the first modern constitution in Europe and represents a seminal event in Polish history, symbolizing the nation's forward-thinking and resilience.

The concert marked this historic occasion, honoring the legacy of the May 3rd Constitution and its significance to the Polish community both in Poland and abroad. The Chopin Foundation, under the stewardship of Mr. Voytek Putz, played a pivotal role in organizing this memorable event. As a non-profit entity with aspirations of erecting a Chopin Monument within the garden, the foundation leverages such occasions to underscore the importance of Fryderyk Chopin's musical legacy and its resonance within the Polish-American community and beyond.

The program, aptly titled "Welcome, May Dawn," featured an eclectic mix of performances, ranging from traditional Polish dances and songs to mesmerizing renditions of Chopin's compositions for piano and violin. The Lajkonik Song and Dance Ensemble, with its rich history dating back to 1991, offered a captivating showcase of Polish folk culture, their elaborate costumes and precise choreography painting a vivid picture of Poland's artistic heritage.

A significant highlight was the performance by Peter Dudek, an acclaimed violist, and his mother, Marta Dudek, a renowned pianist. Their duet exemplified the artistic prowess that thrives within the Polish-American community, bridging generations and cultures through the universal language of music. Additionally, the concert spotlighted Natalia Kawalec, a young vocalist known for her deep Polish roots and burgeoning musical career, further embodying the event's theme of cultural continuity and renewal.

To give you a taste of this remarkable celebration, we invite you to watch a video from the event, capturing the essence of joy and cultural pride. Please enjoy watching Polish young performers celebrating Polish Constitution Day in the Chicago Garden, an event generously sponsored by the Chicago Chopin Foundation. This video is a window into the vibrant performances that filled the day, showcasing the talent and spirit of the Polish community in Chicago.

Special thanks are due to the individuals who played pivotal roles in the success of this event. The Artistic Director of the Lajkonik Ensemble, Halina Misterka, and Zbigniew Banas, who served as the Master of Ceremonies at the Grand Constitutional Concert, both contributed immensely to the event's vibrancy and seamless execution. Their dedication and talent were instrumental in bringing the essence of Polish culture to life in the heart of Chicago.

The Grand Constitution Concert was more than a mere gathering; it was a statement of cultural identity and unity, particularly poignant on the eve of May 3rd Constitution Day. In the words of an attendee, "This isn't just about music. It's about remembering where we come from and celebrating the freedoms we enjoy today, thanks to our forebears." This sentiment echoes the Chopin Foundation's mission to not only share the beauty of Chopin's music but to foster a deeper appreciation for the cultural and historical ties that bind the Polish community, both in Chicago and globally.

As the day drew to a close, the Chopin Garden stood not just as a venue but as a symbol of Polish pride and cultural legacy in Chicago. The anticipation for the future Chopin Monument and subsequent gatherings in this space underscores the vibrant connection between the city and its Polish heritage. The Grand Constitution Concert, therefore, was not just a celebration of a historical constitution but a forward-looking gesture towards the enduring impact of Polish culture and its contributions to the multicultural tapestry of Chicago.

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