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Wielki Koncert Konstytucyjny Maj 4, 2024 - 2pm - at Grant Park in Chicago

Niechaj Wici nas zachwyci




You are kindly invited to join us for an exceptional patriotic and musical occasion: the Great Constitutional Concert. This event will be held at the future Chopin Garden in Grant Park, located on Michigan Ave. and 11th Street, starting at 2 PM, immediately following the May 3rd Parade.

The Wici Ensemble will entertain us with their captivating dance and song performances. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the traditional Polish dance, the Constitutional Polonez, encircling the Chopin Garden alongside the Wici dancers.

Maestro Michał Drewnowski will enchant us with a concert featuring the most exquisite compositions by Fryderyk Chopin, performed on our distinctive red piano.

The festivities will conclude with the collective singing of patriotic melodies by the assembled audience. This splendid event, commemorating the anniversary of the Polish Constitution, highlights the significance of this occasion to the Polish community and underscores the possibilities offered by the Chopin Garden for such grand celebrations.

We extend our invitation to all who cherish our Polish heritage and the timeless music of Chopin.

Chicago Chopin Foundation/

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