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Globetrotting German Pianist Davide Martello Performes at Chopin Garden

Life is a journey and Davide Martello is on a special one. The German pianist has been touring the globe with his grand piano in tow on a mission to play in every capital in the world. Quite ambitious, exciting and admirable. Davide plays wherever he can, an upscale street performer who captives those who pass by and creates organic and spontaneous concerts. He plays his own compositions as well as versions of well known songs.

The Chicago Chopin Foundation caught up with Davide as he was in Chicago and invited him to play at the Chopin Garden (11th Street and Michigan Avenue), an emerging space and element of Grant Park to host musical performances. Davide’s piano is internally amplified allowing his music to project without the need for speakers. His songs were moody and emotional and you can see in his body language that he is perhaps most comfortable and happy sitting at the piano.

A pleasant Saturday afternoon in mid-May provided the ideal conditions. After a few songs a crowd, largely of passerby’s enjoying a day in Grant Park began to assemble on the stairs of the 11th Street Bridge which serve as an almost natural amphitheater. Everyone was curious and pleased by the culture they have just come across. Two young children began to dance to Davide’s playing and provided a moment where innocence and music came together.

The Chicago Chopin Foundation in partnership with the Grant Park Conservancy will continue to program the Chopin Garden with unique and interesting performers. You can follow Davide’s journey on his website:

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