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Chicago Chopin Foundation Presents Chopin Garden Project In Krakow, Poland

On the evening of September, 9th 2017, the Chicago Chopin Foundation joined the inauguration of our new partners Twoje Korzenie W Polsce and presented the Chopin Garden project to a fascinated audience in Krakow, Poland. Chicago Chopin Foundation member Paweł Kulon delivered a detailed presentation about the history, inspiration and progress of the effort to beautify the Chopin Garden in Grant Park and build a monument commemorating the great pianist Frederick Chopin. The Polish audience was very pleased and supportive of the Chicago Chopin Foundation's work for promoting Polish culture abroad.

The Chicago Chopin Foundation was well represented in person in Krakow with President Voytek Putz and members Elwira Koszewska and Ania Navas in attendance. The evening concluded with a performance by vocalist Marta Witosławska who performed at the Chopin Garden earlier this year at the Grand Consistutional Concert. She was accompanied by pianist Joachim Kołpanowicz who plays with the Krakow Opera.

The event marks a new initiative to strongly promote the Chopin Garden project in Poland and lobby for the support of the Polish government in this effort. Led by Kinga Urbanska and Karolina Szlęzak, Twoje Korzenie W Polsce which works to promote Polish heritage, will be be representing the Chicago Chopin Foundation in Poland moving forward. With the 100 anniversary of Polish independence occurring next year in 2018, this is an optimal time for the Polish government to embrace the Chopin monument and provide funding for its construction as part of the celebrations.

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