Chopin's Music Festival & Fundraiser for the Chopin Garden in Grant Park Chicago. October 21

Salt Creek Music Teachers Association presents:

Chopin's Music Festival & Fundraiser for the Chopin Garden in Grant Park Chicago. October 21st. 2018

St. John's Lutheran Church

505 S. Park Rd. La Grange IL 60525

We have an opportunity to challenge our students to play some of the most beautiful piano music and make a difference by donating funds to Chicago’s Chopin Foundation’s Project to put a Chopin Statue and musical venue garden in Grant Park. Over one million dollars is needed to fund the project. Our goal is to help by raising $3,000-$5,000 to give to the Chopin Statue/Garden.

Each student participant will receive either a 5 inch or 7 inch statuette of Chopin with an engraved plate commemorating their participation in performing Chopin’s music at the Festival. Students who raise $100 or more will receive the 7 inch statuette. Also, Chicago’s Chopin Foundation will give a certificate to donors of $100 or more.

The entry registration fee is $20 and will cover the costs of the festival with a small profit to be donated after expenses to the Chopin Statue/Garden project. So you can see that additional contributions are needed to make an impactful donation. Students can solicit Corporate Donation Requests or Sponsorship Requests. Attached are two form letters they can use to begin raising funds. (Please note there are two pages, one for the Corporate Donation Request and one for the Sponsorship Request.)

Registration forms will be sent at the beginning of August. The deadline for registration in the Fes

tival is September 20, 2018. The Festival Date is October 21, 2018 at St. John’s Lutheran Church on 47th Street and Brainard in LaGrange. Participants will be scheduled in one hour recital programs during the afternoon on that Sunday.

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